Monday, December 19, 2016

More Addition Work

After we got the outside all closed up it was time to work on the fun stuff!
This was taken just before the window came out and the wall came down.
When I look at how small our living room/play space was I know why I was so excited to have this new room! 

The window coming out!!

 We were so excited that we decided to make donuts!!

After the window came out the insulating and dry wall got finished up. I don't really have pictures of the beginning of insulating and dry wall, but it happened. We did all this while Josh's family was gone on the vacation, so Josh's friend Brett came to help for a bunch of days and the rest of the work Josh and I did after I had milked at night and out the kids to bed. We had many late, late nights or working and bonding and dreaming about how nice it would once we were done!!

Apparently dry walling is loud.

Once dry walling was done Josh got to work with mudding. I HATE mudding and so does he, but he did it anyway, and Im super proud of him!

Once the dry walling was done Josh and I tried our hand at tiling!
We started at 9 pm and finished by 1:30, not bad for our first try I'd say! :)

After the tile had dried my mom and dad came over for a Saturday to help Josh build the stairs. I was so glad that my dad came out for that, stairs are complicating!!
They measured and cut.

Then fit it all together.

Then measured and cut some more. :)

At the end of the day we had beautiful stairs ready to go!

Then the mess began!
Sanding, mudding, sanding, painting, mudding, sanding.
And pretty much in that order! :)

We did 2 coats of primer.

 And then the colour!!!

 The majority of our painting was done after 10 at night....

 Our colour; titanium.

To be continued....

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