Friday, July 3, 2015

Water Fun

On Saturday we woke up to a rather warm, humid day.
We enjoyed pancakes for breakfast, then cleaned up and relaxed.
After lunch some of us went for a game of tennis, which was cut short when they put up tornado warnings for our campsite!
We headed back, cleaned up all our stuff and were getting ready to leave till the storm passed when it started to rain!
We all scrambled into the RV and watched and prayed.
Thankfully the storm passed with just rain, wind and a little bit of hail.

Oh, and a nice big puddle!!

Since the kids were all wet we decided to head down to the beach again.

Brendan staring down an alligator. :)

Kayla and Daddy swimming.

After a super steak supper Josh took Brendan and the girls on the boat again.

The girls tried out the knee board.

They were really good!

Although once in awhile you have to fall. :)

Brendan was happy to watch.

Then they pulled out the tube. Even Brooke and Kaya gave it a try.

And that was our last, wet, fun day! We are looking forward to going again!

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