Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Camping Trip #2

So. Because I missed 4 days while we were gone last week I decided to be faithful and blog the first 4 days of June, and what better pictures to blog then our camping trip!
There are to many for one post so heres the beginning.

Last week Thursday I had finished all my work for the day and was sitting outside enjoying the sunshine when I saw Dad pull the RV up to their house. 
I figured they must be getting ready to go camping, and I was glad that I didn't have to get ready to go camping in such a rush!
5 mins later Josh came on the yard and asked if I wanted to go camping! :) Our sweet neighbours had invited us to join them, and now the rush was on! 1 hour to pack (throw) everything into the camper and leave.
It was a crazy hour, but it was fun, who wouldn't have fun getting ready to go camping?!
We made it there in time for check, set up camp and then just enjoyed the weather and being together as a family.

Who wouldn't have fun with all these kiddos?!

After yummy pizza for supper we had ice cream!

Then while some people went out on the boat the rest of us sat and relaxed and visited. Then after the kids were in bed we had a campfire and spitz!

The next day beautiful! A perfect camping day!

Breakfast time!


Brendan on his  bike. 

Nathan and Michael.

And where Michael is, Kayla won't be far behind!

More pictures to come tomorrow.

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