Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Father's Day Celebration #2

I'm back!!!
Summer is going by much to fast!
But we are making the most of it!
Which means not sitting inside and blogging. :)
But I have many pictures to share and will try to catch up.

First up is our second Father's Day get together at the end of June.

To celebrate Father's day on my side of the family we headed out to Carman park.
My brother had found the cutest little duckling!

Brendan loved it!

Then while Mom and us girls cooked up a feast...

Kayla ate cherries,

And the kids played volley ball.

Ruth and Janelle.

The 3 little girls.

Brendan had an obsession with this hole. He spent a good 20 mins sitting in it. :)

We all enjoyed the delicious food!

Then after supper the guys all headed to the gold course next door, while we took the kids swimming at the pool. They. Loved. It.

After swimming and golfing we headed to the ice cream shop!

Sharing is always the best.

Grampa and Kayla.

Lick away buddy!

Doesn't that just make you need ice cream?!

Milk shake time!

Happy Fathers day Dad! We love you!

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