Thursday, August 17, 2017

August 17

This is the day I always pull out my journal and take a walk down memory lane.
9 years a go today.
Someone asked me to marry him.
The man of my dreams couldn't picture the rest of his life without me.
He wanted to do life together with me.
He loved me enough to ask my Dad if he trusted him enough to let him be my protector.
He decided that day that he would do anything for me.
He would love me no matter what.
He would look out for me and keep me safe.
He would stay by my side through the good and the bad the easy and the hard.
6 months later we said 'I do"but it all began on that day, 9 years ago, while walking down a gravel road.
So you wanna get married?
The best question I've ever been asked!!

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