Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Wedding Work

Almost 1 month ago, January 28, my sister Rita married the love of her life, Frank.
It was a beautiful wedding, which I don't have pictures of cause I was to busy being at a wedding, and went off without a hitch!
But no wedding is complete without it's fair share of work.
And I love getting ready for weddings, it fun and its pretty!
Rita had asked me to be in charge of the decorating, and she made it easy for me, by getting together all the stuff she wanted, all I had to do was put it on the tables. :)

They invited 300 people so we got an early start.
Randy and Brendan making many trips in the elevator (maybe more than they needed) to bring everything down stairs.

Rita starting with setting up tables.

We set up 30 tables.

Next came the table clothes.

And then folding napkins. Ruth had found a really pretty way to fold them, so I let her be in charge of getting people to help her. :)

They folded.

And folded.

And folded!

Meanwhile we got the table runners and centre pieces on the tables.

Then the dishes.

The finished tables!!

The it was snack time!!!

 After that we headed up stairs and got the sanctuary ready.

Raechelle and Sophia waiting for the rehearsal to start.

Flower girl and ring bearer.

Singing names.

Guest book attendants. With super cute smiles.

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