Thursday, February 2, 2017

Christmas Gathering the Second

On December 24 we made the long walk over to Josh's parents for lunch.
This gathering was mostly about food, at least thats what the pictures say. :)
But we also had fun being together, some braved the cold and played hockey or went for snow mobile rides, while the rest of us sat by the fire, visiting, holding cute babies and being together.

Lunch waiting to be enjoyed.

Cute kids waiting to enjoy it!

Big brother and little brother.

Smiles all around!

They were wearing the same brand hoodies.

Time for dessert.

Cuddles with Great Grandma and Great Grandpa.

Being fed by her uncle.

For supper we had more yummy food, mostly sweet stuff. :)

Patiently waiting.

After supper our kids had their Sunday School concert so we all went to watch them.
After we got back it was time for more food. :)
Cause we were all super hungry!!

Taste testing.

Getting the little kids fondue ready.

Taking pictures of the food first.

It does look good!!

Waiting for more sugar!!!

And thats how you do Christmas!!!

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