Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Swimming Lesson Camping Trip

This is our 3rd year that the kids have done swimming lessons, and we camp for the week. 
We were not able to get our usual campsite so we had to stay at another one 10 mins from the lessons.
We still had a great time, the weather was beautiful, other than 2 storms that passed through, and we took advantage of having an ice cream shop with in walking distance of our campground! :)

We came in on Sunday and got settled and set up, then enjoyed ice cream, its the best way to start off a camping trip!

Then we got busy with learning how to swim.

We had beautiful campfires every evening.

And nice sunny days for swimming.

We took the crew, 12 kids 6 and under, to the park one evening.

These 2 are a month apart and are so much fun to watch together!!

We had 2 VERY hot days, so the kids cooled off.

And the hot humid weather brought in 2 storms, we left the campground one time, and stuck it out the second time, no damage was done other than the power going out a few times, and I now know how to put up our camper owning like a pro! :)

Watching movies while it rained.

Then we went back to swimming!

Front floats and back floats.

We took the boat out one afternoon to a near by lake and let the kids burn off some energy that way.

And back to the pool for more lessons.

These 4 girls spent a lot of time together!

The kids all did really well in their lessons!

So we finished up the week with playing at the park again.

And more ice cream!!!

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