Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Her Birth Story

Yes, it is late, 7 weeks and 1 day to the day to be exact. :) 
But I always love reading other peoples birth stories so I thought I'd share mine anyway. 
I also have yet to post her newborn pictures so it works out perfectly!

7 weeks with this little blessing, my goodness, time as just flown by!
I still remember Tuesday December 15 2015 like it was yesterday.
I was 40 weeks and 6 days pregnant, the longest pregnancy for me. I had a midwife appointment the day before, everything looked and sounded good and we had decided to make an appointment for an ultrasound on Wednesday just to check on the baby and then if she still hadn't come by Friday then I would go in and do a non stress test and maybe get induced if nothing was happening by then.
I got up the Tuesday feeling great, we had our normal morning, breakfast, cleaning, laundry and school. During school I got a call from the hospital saying that they had an ultrasound appointment for me that afternoon. It was the only one they had for awhile, so I made arrangements with Josh's sisters to watch our kids, we had lunch, I got ready and left for my ultrasound at 2.
I got in right away, and everything looked good until she wanted the baby to move for her, try as she might with poking and getting me to change position this baby was not going to move. She got me to get up and walk around, while walking I felt her move a bit but as soon as I lay down she was still again.
The ultrasound tec went to talk to the Dr and they decided that I should have the non stress done just to make sure everything was ok.
So I headed upstairs and they got me hooked up, and just like that the baby came to life! She wouldn't lay still! :)
After 30 mins on the machine the nurse came in and told me they had called my midwife to come in.
I wondered why, since everything seemed to be ok, but once Amy got there she told me that they had not been able to see the babies chest rise and fall while doing the ultrasound, so if I was ok with it they wanted to induce me and monitor the baby.
I was fine with the sound of getting this baby out, so I called Josh, he had just got home from hauling grain for the day, I told him where my bags were and he got ready to head out.
I was admitted to the hospital and Amy checked me, I was 1 cm dilated, this was at 4.
At 5 the Dr on call got there and she checked me, I was 4 cm dilated, that was just 1 hour after Any had checked me, so something was happening down there!
The Dr said that they use a cervidil, just to help get things moving, and I would have to be monitored for an hour to make use the baby was ok, then after that hour I could go off and just be checked every hour for 10 mins.
And so we started. I had not really had any contractions up till that point, by the time Josh got to the hospital at 6 I was having them but not anything really painful.
So waiting and walking began, whenever I was not in bed on the machine I was walking around the hospital room, this really helped the contractions to keep going, although they were not to bad till around 9 pm.
At that time they took out the cevedil and the contractions kept coming so we knew that things were happening, I was 8 cm dialated at that point.
As the contractions became more painful I decided to go for a shower, it felt amazing, as amazing as a shower while having contractions 1-2 mins apart can be. :) I stayed in the shower till 10:45 when I started to feel faint, Josh and the midwife got me wrapped in warm blankets and into bed drinking water in no time, and I started to feel better, at least in my head. :)
By 11 I knew that we were not far away from having this baby, so after being on the monitor one last time I moved to the birthing stool and at 11:20 Taylor Brianne was born!
She came out looking around and they had to make her cry just to clear her lungs, She was pink and beautiful! She had 10 fingers and 10 toes, and was breathing just fine!
We snuggled in the bed for almost an hour, she would nurse and then look around, trying to lift her head off of my chest! Those were very precious moments!
After the snuggles she got weighed and measured, 8 pounds and 4 ounces and 21 1/4 inches long.
There was a snow storm headed our way so even though it was late we packed up and headed home. So thankful for another healthy baby and that everything had worked out so well!
We are so thankful for our midwives, Amy, Cara and Lara and to the nurses who helped with the birth.

4 days later Josh's sister Megan and her husband Henry came out with pizza and a camera! :) Megan was ever so kind to get some really cute newborn pictures of our baby, thanks girl!!

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