Monday, February 15, 2016

~ 2 Months ~

Where has the time gone?
In a way I cant believe that it's been 2 months since Taylor was born, and yet it feels like she has been a part of our lives forever!
I really cant imagine our life without her.
She has started to develop her own personality, she is a social butterfly, always ready with a smile or to have a conversation with anyone who will say hi. If she is sad you can almost always cheer her up by talking to her. But don't get to in her face, or the moment will be ruined. :)
As Im writing this she is talking my ear off! :)
There is nothing quite like baby coos, I think its pretty near to the top of my favourite baby things, they melt my heart!
Taylor has been sleeping really well at night, we usually just get up once to eat, and then go right back to sleep.
Nap time is a different story though...
She won't sleep for longer than 10 mins and then needs to be rocked again, Im not sure why, she was doing great.
So I don't get a lot of things done, we work on school, cleaning the house and making meals, otherwise we cuddle the baby.
Which I really don't mind, before I know it another 2 months will be gone and she won't need to be rocked. 
Love on your babies while they are little!!!!
I got some of Taylors many faces on camera yesterday, sorry, she has a lot of faces, so there are a lot of pictures! :)

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