Thursday, October 22, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Back in August my Mom called me to ask if I needed corn. Of course I needed corn! :)
For some reason she had planted way to much corn, 2 years in a row!!! :)
So we picked a day that worked for Mom, my sisters, sister in law and I and all met early in the morning to get started.

They had already picked the corn and filled the back of the truck.
Ready to go husk the corn!

My littlest niece Janelle.

Andy and Grama.

My other niece Hailey.


We husked the corn in the cows pen so that they could come and enjoy what we didn't want.

All done and ready to be washed!

We did the rest of the work in their garage, that way the mess stayed outside.

The finished stuff!! And this isn't all of it! We did a total of 230 cups of corn for 4 families!

These cuties had a blast together playing dolls and dress up and just chatting. :)

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