Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Ok, so I know that I NEVER do 2 posts in one day, not in even in the best of times, but I guess I was to busy and didn't get the swathing pictures posted before the next step came along. So here we are combining, I took Andrew out for a while, (he is 9 months old today), and he LOVED it!!
Last year on our first day of harvesting was the first time that I felt Andy move inside me, I'm sure glad that he no longer lives in there!! :) He is a busy little man!
I hope to post some more combining pictures in the future, it's kind of hard to hold a big baby and take pictures at the same time, so here are some cute ones of AJ's first look at harvest, he even got some barley dust in his hair, what little hair he has. :)

After we got home I wanted some pictures of Andrew in the pretty flowers, he was not impressed at all! I think he would rather be in the grain truck with Daddy! :)


The Munck Family said...

Look at that baby chub, and AJ sitting up so well! Rebekah are you sure he wanted to be in the grain truck OR playing football with his daddy? ;)

The Pauls' Family said...

Too cute Becca! (the pics of AJ i mean:)

Love you girl and can't wait to see you again! (it has been to many hours:)

Love Ker

Megan said...

What a SWEETIE! :) ♥ the pictures!

Love you!


Mrs. Pauls said...

These are great pictures! I love how he is holding on to his toes.


Mrs.Mike said...

I kinda envy your farm life :) One of the things we did with my mom when I was little was dream of owning a "big farm out in the middle of no where". I grew up on a small raspberry farm.

Anonymous said...


He is way to cute!!!!.

I think he has growen since sunday:)

Love you guys lot's.

Love Rits

Anonymous said...

Andy is just to adorable!!
So sweet that he's always playing with his feet :)
I just can't wait to see him tomorrow if you guys are still coming that is,
looks like so much fun combing,can't wait till we start!

Love ya LOTS Becca!!