Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another Busy Day

Today, at...
We moved ALOT of barley. We emptied 5 bins into our bin ring so that we could fill them (the bins) again.

Josh and I filled the trucks, we used the auger and the grain vac.

Then once the trucks were full off they would go to the unloading place.

There Dad, Jen and Kerri would unload them and make sure the grain was filling the ring evenly.
We finished at 10:30, got the tarp out and covered it, and went to bed, past my bed time. :)
Now the barley should be safe and dry till next Spring when we empty it, and that's another story. :)


Anonymous said...

I'll bet you guys are glad to have that done,it look's like quite a big job!

Love ya Becca!
I miss you!

your sis Rae

Anonymous said...

Glad that you helped Josh in the NICE WARM BIN!
I'm still not sure who had the better job though... Ker and I DID have lots of fun....freezing :)
LOVE you girl! LOTS and LOTS and LOTS!!!

MEGoo Photography said...

Oh, man..looks like I missed out in a lot of fun!! :)
My thoughts were with you :)
Oh, and nice pic's becca!


Mrs. Pauls said...

Nice Grain Vac! We'd like one of those one day. We finally started combining today!!! It is very exiting, but we don't expect it to last. It is supposed to rain this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Look's like you got alot done.

By the way I like the new header.

Miss you guys.

Love you lot's.

Love your lil sis Rita