Saturday, February 24, 2018

= 30 =

I turned 30.
Yup, it happened.
It happened far faster than I ever thought possible.
But I take joy in the fact that it happened so fast because life is so wonderful.
It truly is.
There is very little that I would change in my life.
I have all the blessings that I ever dreamed of, prayed for or thought of.
I am blessed.
And that is why my life is happening quickly.
So I shall just take joy in the fact that I am blessed and seek to make the most of it.
Of every day.
Every week.
Of every month.
Every year.
I will take more time counting my blessing than my years.

I was blessed by my family two Sundays ago.
They threw a great big family party for me, with Mexican food!!!
It was so yummy!!!
I love food, I love family, I love being together, so it was perfect!

Getting supper ready.

And doing puzzles.

This girl made some amazing guacamole!

Grandpa and 2 cuties.

The cake... all chocolate!!!

Added another cutie to the group!

More food prep.


These 2 love each other and are so cute together!

My Mom,  third from the left, and her girls. She looks as young as the rest of us!

Grandpa and all the grand girls.

And the boys.

Dad with all his girls and grand daughters.

Mom and all the girls.

Doing puzzles with Uncle Frank.

Sweet cousins.

My family.

Oh and these two. They are cute together, so cute that they decided it would be a good idea to get married!!!!!!!!!!
Yup, theres a wedding coming up!!!!
We are super thrilled!!!

And that was my party!! And the pictures were all mixed up cause I don't know why, and I didn't change them cause the post is already late. :)

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