Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Celebrating Christmas 2017

Christmas was wonderful!
We had Christmas gatherings and events for 6 days straight!
But we loved everyone of them.
Family, food, relaxing, sharing memories, making new ones, games, hockey, cold weather, warm fires, giving gifts, movies, visiting and just being together!

On the 25 we were at Josh's family. 
We had brunch, played hockey in the bitter cold, opened gifts, played games, watched movies, and ate loads of food.
Great Grandma handing out gifts.

Oh the excitement!!!

Thank you hugs.

Enjoying the warm fires.


On the 26 we spent the day with my family (after spending a bunch of time fixing our frozen water and sewer thanks to the super cold weather)
We played games, ate more food, visited, played hockey, opened gifts, played more hockey.

Mouse Maze with Grandma

Pool with Grandpa


Being cute.

Playing piano.

Opening gifts.

Jen and Ben

Rita wanted a cute picture with Frank, but he was busy....

So she thought she'd join in with Ruth and Jason...

Frank finally realized what has going on so he smiled...

And in the end we got a cute picture. :)

Trying on Daddy's stuff.

All the cuties!!! Plus one more on the way!

On the 28 we had Christmas at home with Steve and Raechelle.
We had brunch, relaxed, opened gifts, the guys played hockey and we visited.

Excited for gifts!

My favourite gift of all!

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