Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Thanksgiving Begins

I love Thanksgiving.
Probably cause I have so much to be thankful for!
And cause I really like pumpkin pie and turkey and cranberry sauce!
I love getting together as a family.
Just visiting, laughing and being all in one place, it's a special time!
This year we started out our Thanksgiving celebration at my parents house.
There were 2 people that were extra thankful this year.
My sister Ruth brought her boyfriend Jason (don't have a picture of them) and my brother Reuben brought his girlfriend Jen, Josh's sisters!!!
We were thankful along with them!!

Aren't they just the cutest!!

It was cool and windy outside, so while the adults played some volley ball the kids played mouse trap.
Sophia dreaming of her nap.

Sweet cousins.

Looking for Christmas gifts.

When the adults came in to warm up we played pictionary.

Playing with Grandpa.

Then it was time to get the food ready!!

Whipped cream.

And apple pie.

Fancy tables.

And turkey.

I love these 2 people!!

Moriah practicing her walking skills.


Eating for two!!! Yes, my sister and her husband are excepting baby #2 in March!!

After an amazing meal, sharing what we are thankful for and lots of visiting we got these 3 cuties together for some pictures.

They melt my heart!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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