Saturday, January 14, 2017

Taylor Brianne is One

Before I get the Christmas pictures posted I need to share this special memory.
We had another first birthday in our family on December 15.
It was an exciting time, mostly for her siblings, cause now Taylor isn't 0 anymore. :)
I hadn't really planned on having a party, but the longer I thought about how cute and how much fun it would be to have a baby girl party I decided to do it!
We invited both our families for an evening of lots of sugar! :)
And Megan was so kind and captured these precious moments for me, thanks again!
She is also the reason why there are so many pictures, they were to cute not to post. :)

We made donuts.

Pink popcorn.

Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.

And of course the smash cake!

There was lots of pink and lots of glitter!!

Taylor didn't really have time to sit still for pictures...

Put she was ready to party!!

Cute little friends.

Smiles with auntie Jenny.

And then or course the cake came!

At first she wasn't really sure about it, but once she got a taste of the icing she was hooked!

The whole time she was eating she was saying ummm, yummy!!

The end.

 After Taylor got cleaned up it was time for gifts.

 We couldn't get it out of the box fast enough for her!

She loves her new puppy!

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