Monday, August 15, 2016

Camping Pictures

This Summer has been busy; a super awesome busy!
We have worked hard and played even harder!
Once again we spent a lot of our camping time at our favourite hang out, Morden.
We had some rainy days and some sunny days, but we made many memories on all the days!

The first time we headed out to Morden was beautiful.
We had one storm that came through but it didn't last long.
Otherwise we spent a lot of time at the beach soaking in the sunshine.

This kid likes to squirt stuff with this water gun. As long as he is on the giving end and not the receiving end! :)

His brother is the same way! 

We went out with some friends of ours and these girls made the most of their time in the water!

It was Taylors first time on the beach, she loved the feel of the sand, and watching all the activity.

They did a lot of digging!

And pouring water.

Breaking the dam!

Sand art.

And this sweetheart made one me, heart melter!

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