Monday, May 9, 2016

Good bye Terrible Twos

Last week we celebrated...
it was a long looked forward to event, ever since Andrew and Makayla had birthdays back in November, Brendan had been waiting for his to arrive.

When the count down began on Monday he could hardly wait.
And now he's finally 3! It seems like he has been 3 for a long time already. Brendan has always acted and felt older to me than he actually is, perhaps it's because he is very self reliant, he keeps himself entertained, he picks up almost everything he hears like school work the kids are doing and memory verses they are learning. He is a deep thinker, even though not all of what he thinks about is deep. :)

And so as I look back on the terrible twos I cant say that they were terrible at all, but rather a joy to watch this little boy grow up, to laugh at his humour and think of how extremely blessed we are to be his parents!!
We love you Brendan!

Brendan's birthday was a busy day on the farm, Josh left early that morning so we didn't get to celebrate until later on. 
We have taken Brendan to McDonalds for both of his birthdays so far, so we kinda couldn't miss out this time. At supper time we picked up Josh from the field and headed to Morden to eat.
Then we dropped Josh off again and went home to continue celebrating.

We opened gifts, or I should say a gift, we had bought him a trike, I knew he would like it, I didn't know he would like it that much! :)
After that he wasn't interested in anything else...

Thumbs up!!

Taylor "into" his sticker book.

Kayla opening gifts for Brendan. :)

We were able to get him off the trike for some cake, but he didn't even have time to finish before he was gone again!
After many months of trying to decide what kind of cake he wanted, he finally settled on a minion cake.
He was thrilled! :)

And while the others ate cake, she ate her blanket.  :)

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Jennifer Pauls said...

Love his happy little face. <3 So hard to believe that he is already three!!